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What an awesome perspective! Thank you and Happy Harvest-Thanksgiving!

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Thank you, this is beautiful.

Best wishes, Iris

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I am compelled to speak with you. 1st I’m thankful for your vital explication, well thot and clear. Becoming Montessori as an adult was healing and inspired in me a mission-like zeal. I came to it as a believer in Christ, yes and perhaps already a Christian humanist. “Perhaps we teach the child to thank God and pray to Him, but not to thank humanity, God’s prime agent in creation; we give no thought to the men and women who daily give their lives that we may live more richly. …”

Lest any miss the truth, I believe we are created beings in a created universe. Be that as it may all can join Montessori to be in awe of the child and work for their rescue from the inhumane education systems. I’m very grateful for your work and pray for it’s exponential increase.

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